Water Manometers

We can supply a range of Water Manometers and Flow Meters from the leading manufacturers, Comdronic and Poddymeter.

The AC6 Manometers are available in standard or high pressure versions. The AC6-SP Manometer can be used to measure differential pressure in the range 0.5-200 KPa and the AC6-HP Manometer operates in the differential pressure range 2-600 KPa. These electronic water system commissioning test sets have in built valve and orifice plate Kv values which enables the instrument to calculate and display flow rates during commissioning.

The 6000WF/V is designed to measure differential pressure across balancing valves and orifice plates in water flow systems, and the flow rate can be related to differential pressure using individual valve charts/KV values. The unit comes complete with a calibration certificate, pair of binder adaptors and a padded carrying case with a pocket arrangement for storage of the nylon tubing and female adaptors.

The 6200MF is suitable for flow and differential pressure measurements across balancing valves, orifice plates in water flow systems. Flow rate can be displayed by inputting individual KVs values. In “Flow” mode, both flow (in L/Sec) and DP (in KPa) are displayed. In “Pressure mode” line pressure (in KPa) and DP (in KPa) are both displayed.

Poddymeter U tube manometers – For measuring differential pressure across balancing valves, office metering stations, chillers, etc. The differential pressure can then be accurately related to flow rate. The solid Perspex manometers incorporate check valves over pressure chambers and trap tubes to avoid loss of indicating fluid. The manometers are tubed to a three-valve equalising/isolating manifold. Scale units available are KPa, metres head, feet head, mm w.g, and inches w.g. various ranges up to 125 KPa available.

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Showing all 6 results