Thermal Anemometers

Thermal Anemometers for the measurement of air velocity. Devices are also known as Hot Wire Anemometers, and the instruments can come with telescopic as well as articulated 90° angled probes.

The Kimo VT110 and VT115 are low cost Thermal Anemometers for the measurement of air velocity, air flow (volume) and ambient air temperature.

The VT110 is supplied as standard with a straight / rigid probe on a 2m flexible cable. The VT115 is supplied with a 1m telescopic probe on a 2m cable, and it has an articulated (adjustable through 90°) head assembly. Optional flow hoods are available for the measurement of volume flow from grilles and diffusers.

TA410, TA430, TA440 – The TSI series of Thermal Anemometers range from the basic TA410 model to the TA440 logging version. All are simple to operate and certain versions are available with either a straight or articulated probe.

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Showing all 6 results