Instruments for the measurement of air velocity, pressure & volume

The New Air Balancing Kit 2

DP Measurement are launching their most comprehensive air balancing kit for the modern commissioning engineer. The dpm hood uses a simple and effective differential flow grid in conjunction with the TT550 'V' Series Micromanometer for volum, pressure and volocity measurements.

The new Air Balancing Kit 2 has many unique and innovative features including: Unique transparent front panel on every canvas, ergonomic handles, redesigned base unit, starting volume from 5 l/sec upto 1000 l/sec, manual storage button and only weighs 3.8kg.

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Servicing & Repair

We can also calibrate and repair your measurement instruments whether they be from DPM's own range or from another manufacturer - including equipment produced by:

  • Airflow Developments
  • Air Instruments Resources Ltd
  • Air Neotronics
  • Kimo